Custom Products: Copies of Auto and Moto Body Kits

Custom products are a broad concept and difficult to fit into any frame, specific area, or product type. In this sphere are also copies of body kit parts for cars and motorcycles. These are types of articles that are mounted on the left or right side of a particular object, made up of a body kit set or module of different details. They may also be located in close proximity to each other. Their asymmetric structure makes them very specific during the process of making them. The complexity of the structure, the compliance with the volumes and the transitions, as well as the process of dimension transfer, makes this type of product a huge challenge.

The need for craftsmanship is due to lack of detail, damage detail or stoppage of production. Such products are immediately converted to “custom”, and this automatically increases their value. This type of service is very rare because it requires long terms, patience and approach. More often, such a need for making a product is found in cars and motorcycles. There is no limitation on the application and function of the product – in the exterior or interior, functional part, aerodynamic product, structural part, etc. Typically, these are products of different types of plastics – polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), ABS, etc., but the specimen can be made with composite materials when it comes to single production. Otherwise, the very complex and expensive preparation matrix molds for plastics injection molding, In this regard, the less output is produced, the value of this process is more expensive and unwarranted. This, however, can not reduce the specific value for the production of one and several pieces of customized products. If the value of the service associated with this type of product is low, it is difficult to carry out the repair and production. This is a principle that can be protected with many arguments, but the main one is the word “custom-made”.

Over the years, I have had to run individual orders for customers with similar missing products, whether it’s a car or a motorcycle body kit detail. I have used a different approach to shaping the main models on which the matrix mold is ​​made. Primarily for these models I have used industrial design clay. For making the matrix mold and the final product in it, I used composite materials – glass fiber, resin and gelcoat. Typically, finishing procedures and refinements are extremely precise, in view of the gripping parts and the functional area in which the product is to be assembled. This is an extremely labor-intensive craft that requires patience, discipline and focus. The craftsman creates a sense of detail and attitude towards the final product.