Hardware Products

In electronics, such products solve problems with ergonomics, management and access to the functions of the site. These are devices that are combined with equipment and components with visible access to the external structure through panels, housings and control buttons. These types of products need to cover specific characteristics in terms of their function – function, ergonomics, usage of the product, repairability, location of components and equipment, assembling and disassembly.

Such projects I have had to develop, in one form or another over the years, to solve real problems and create opportunities for development in the project. In addition to the design, it is necessary to organize and directly produce relevant products and details. The main projects were for functional panels and hardware housings. I always had to comply with the device and its components and equipment, often with regard to their layout and installation. At the same time, affordable production cost to produce a certain number of items in time – single or small-scale production. Products that are otherwise made with expensive mold tooling requiring capacity and production quantities beyond the design stage. The development has gone through discussion and consultation, through all stages of experimental models and prototypes, before reaching a final product. In every product, I have strived to optimize the production technology as far as its characteristics, the compromises with the structure and the materials used for its manufacture allow. I have also adapted new ways of assembling a module, securing the structure of the workpiece, finishing procedures, assembly of components, and so on. All this has led to the achievement of a reasonable production cost, the covering of the characteristics, the maintenance and the control of the required quality in production.

In the models, prototypes, matrix molds and finished products, I have used a wide range of production technologies and materials: industrial design clay; composite materials molding of models, prototypes and matrix molds – glass fiber, resin and gel coat; 3D printed details – ABS plastic and polyamide (PA); aluminum alloys and engineering plastics with the aid of CNC milling technology; vacuum forming of plastic; laser cutting of metal.

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