Solo Form: Creation of a New Sub-Brand “Vehimotus”

Vehimotus is the last of the four planned sub-brands, part of the main Solo Form brand. This is a sub-brand, again covering the direction of development of own products. One of the initial goals in the presentation of Vehimotus is to present the foundation already built over the years – in the field of vehicle products. Long-term accumulations, based on practical experience in the design and handmade production of custom products, which cover a wide range of product types, project development and conceptual solutions. These are developments aimed at different types of products for the exterior and interior of vehicles. The range and type of products are in different directions – styling details, products with an emphasis on aerodynamic characteristics, structural elements, panels, complete conceptual solutions and more. Over time, it will show which are the suitable developments, on to which will rely on the creation of own products. The directions and new priorities in the field of vehicles will be determined, as well as the addition of product developments for new types of vehicles.

Thus, with the already created Boater Design, Fulmech Design, Rotactio Design and Vehimotus, priority is given to specific areas and directions of development whose efforts will be directed to build products. The development of own products is one of the three main directions of Solo Form. The other priorities are focused on offering services for product development and participation in partnership projects. Own products are both short-term and long-term strategy for the development of the main brand Solo Form. Due to the different levels of development of the developments, there will be a different approach to the planned products in these sub-brands in the passing of the respective process “Product Design and Development” and all stages and sub-stages in it.

Priorities and directions of development of the sub-brand:


Development of products, accessories and concepts for vehicles – vehicle exterior and interior solutions. A priority will be given to products for motor vehicles – cars (daily cars, sports cars and rally cars), motorcycles (touring motorcycles, track motorcycles, etc.), crossovers and compact SUVs, standard SUVs, van cars, minivan cars, pick-up cars and trucks, vans, different types of light and heavy vehicles, trailers, etc. The range of products will be expanded in time and it will cover other types of vehicles.

Development of different types of main products, complementary products and accessories for the exterior and interior in the vehicles. The goal of the products is to cover specific requirements – functional, constructive, visual and production characteristics. Clear-cut product solutions will cover basic requirements in the field of aerodynamics and their optimization. Next follows a direction for development of functional products and accessories, which cover different aspects – vehicle dashboards, panel consoles, structure elements, construction parts, zone optimizations, etc. Developments can also include products with an emphasis on styling and performance accessories. The conceptual solutions will be directed towards individual products, refinements of specific zones or development of the concept of the vehicle.

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