The Product Sketches

The conceptual development of a product is expressed in ideas that make up the beginning of each project. Everything starts from the white sheet – with several movements and lines on it, driven by the imagination and laying the foundation on which everything is built. The answers to many questions and unknowns are looked for, through product sketches. A cycle in which the designer must feel that he is part of the product because it is a completely individual approach. In each project, the stages after the sketches are extremely constructive and the unknowns decrease. When building the core structure of a product, answers to different issues and development options are needed. I have always kept on conceptual development in the form of product sketches, and the processes are moving in a consistent and focused way. The feedback between me and the customer is far better and more flexible because the designer is not only involved in the project. Communication is a prerequisite before selecting specific ideas to work on.

When moving through the product sketch, the changes during their development are radical. In the product, the foundations of its structure, function and ergonomics, are built. In each sub-step of the overall conceptual development, ideas are reduced and selection is made. Product sketches are selected and the priority is chosen to clear the main idea. All of this is a reference point for moving to the next stage of development. Frequently, descriptions and explanations of functional areas, ergonomic principles, engineering techniques, production technologies and materials are used in the sketches. You should always go out of the common and go to the detail until the process reaches the finishing touch. It is only then that a more detailed development is made in the sketches. I usually go a long way, but I never skip and ignore the product sketch. All this is to clear the idea from the superfluous and to convey it to the concept level before passing to the next responsible stages in the project. This cycle is invaluable and comprehensive in itself, because it asks questions, gives answers, and determines the direction. The purpose of product sketches is to lay the foundations and identify potential development of product opportunities.

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