Boater Design: Water-Attraction Vehicles and Bait Boat Hulls

Boater Design is a subbrand of the main brand Solo Form. The field and directions of development cover: Development of products for fun and fishing. Watercrafts and water attractions. Bait boat hulls and additional accessories to them.

Watercrafts and water attractions are designed for hotels, holiday homes, tourist towns, sanatoriums and areas specialized in water tourism – near lakes, dams and sea gulfs.

The bait boat hulls will be part of the equipment of fishermen, giving them the freedom to assemble their own project. They can add all sorts of components and accessories, in view of their requirements, possibilities and desires.

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The development of “Bait Boat Hull” has gone through a long process of design and upgrade. The project has gone through a mockup model, a test model and a main prototype. It is currently at the level of finalizing a pre-production prototype and will enter the process of implementation in production. The goals are aimed at reaching the final product and direct sales to end customers. The other development, which is also part of the planned products in the brand “Boater Design” is “Water-Attraction Vehicle”. The development has gone through a stage of a test scale model, which will serve as a basis for improving the overall design. It is in the process of development, the purpose of which is not only a complete redesign, but also reengineering of the functional areas and their purpose. The complete optimization of the development directs it to a product with different applications and forms for realization on the market. The goal of both developments is the final market product.

Bait Boat Hull

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The bait boat hull that will be part of the equipment of anglers, giving them the freedom to assemble their own project. By providing them with a larger dimensions, they can add all sorts of components and accessories to it in view of their requirements, possibilities and desires. The hull has the following dimensions – 882 mm. length, 613 mm. width, and 358 mm. height. This is a type of “trimaran”, but with a more massive structure for better stability. The boat container has a maximum capacity of 8 liters. Several optimal characteristics are combined in the product: stability in water, access to important equipment, bait capacity and deployment of more accessories and components. On the top of the two side boat shells, lids are going to be placed for easier access to the battery, without having to open the main hull. With a hull of this type, the feeding area covered will be much larger. Adaptation of the principle of opening the container is left to the anglers for refinement – mechanism for opening and lowering the bait. The hull will be mainly made of composite materials. The product is designed with larger dimensions, which gives possibility of more accessories and components: inner container – module with bait dividers (granular or liquid bait), from 6 to 12 options for placing the amount of bait (maximum 8 kg); adapted socket type “hemisphere” for sonar “Deeper; to the adapted sonar socket, there is an additional hemispherical capsule in which to install different types of hardware – sonar, camera or other type of device; large openings for access to batteries; possibility to mount photovoltaics on the two covers located at the top of the floaters; adapted niches, in the back of the hull – for propellers or thrusters, with 3D printed grids (of a certain type of durable and strong material), which will be installed by anglers. Inside the housing there is enough space for wiring and equipment with components. In both vessels there is an area for installation of the respective batteries, as well as for installation of the engines for the propellers or the thrusters. In the rest of the space there is an opportunity to experiment with the installation of GPS, camera equipment and different types of hardware. On the upper part of the hull are provided – niches for LEDs and an area for antenna placement, buttons and other components and indicators, in a separate niche for this purpose. Equipment and accessories can be arranged in a way that is considered appropriate by the anglers.

Water-Attraction Vehicle

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A long-term project has already started its transformation and upgrading. It will go through the main stages of design, based on a model M1: 2 made over the years – redesign of the overall structure, improvement of functional areas and principle of propulsion. In 2021, the project will gradually enter the next stage of its development – “Stage: Models and prototypes”. All this will be in the direction of making test models of parts and functional parts. The main goal of all this is to make a main prototype and move to a pre-production one. The idea for the creation of the “water-attraction vehicle” is for entertainment, training and hobby (fishing). This is a type of “catamaran” – with length 3.2 meters and width of 2.2 meters. The main idea of the catamaran is to be with hybrid control – combination of foot and electric drive with propeller. The legs and arms take part in its drive, but there is also a special place for sitting, which can be used either for a break or fishing. There will be an opportunity to disassemble and assemble the main components and details of the overall structure. It is envisaged that folding or disassembly of each main hulls of two main parts. The product is intended for hotels, holiday homes, tourist towns, sanatoriums and areas specialized in water tourism – near lakes, dams and sea gulfs. The development is at the mockup model level – scale 1:2. The project will undergo changes in the direction of redesign of the overall structure and details, after which a basic functional prototype will be developed – scale 1:1. Will be used support structure (skeleton) covered by the base body (plastic, composite materials). A main hull is situated between the two boat shell parts, and on top of it two platform-pedals are tightly fixed. The pedals will not rotate, pressure will cause the movement of the water-pushing mechanism to be reproduced, located under the main hull. The principle of foot control will be analogous to the fitness exercises with “stepper”. The development of the catamaran will also include an electric drive – electric motor with a propeller powered by batteries – “underwater thruster” or “azimuth thruster”. The direction of movement will be determined by the two keels, located at the rear of the boat shells. The movement of the keels will be accomplished by additional handles located on the tubular structure.