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Project Description

Auto & Moto Body Kits

Year: 2005 – 2014


The development of products for cars and motorcycles is a specific and labor-intensive process. The stages of their manufacture must be consistent. These products need to cover basic requirements such as functionality, strength and durability of the products. In the gallery you can see a small part of the products I’ve made: Hood scoop – Subaru Impreza; Racing car fender flares – Peugeot; Car rear bumper diffuser – Alfa Romeo; Car rear bumper diffuser – Seat Ibiza Cupra; Car body detail – Toyota Corolla; Lip spoiler – BMW; Seat side panel – BMW; Car center console – Mitsubishi; Side cover body fairing – Honda CX 500; Motorcycle body kit detail; Scooter body kit detail – Peugeot; Motorcycle helmets.

Car Exterior Body Kits

Car Interior Body Kits

Motorcycle Body Kits


For the main models I have used industrial design clay, with all the specifics of work and preparation as a material. Other materials I’ve used are: polyurethane structures, standard plastics, wood and metal details. I used composite materials – glass fiber, resin and gelcoat for making matrix molds and finished products. In every product I have left my style, approach and way of working, as well as meeting the specific requirements of the client. Over the years, I have gained invaluable experience with handmade products in this field. Even today, it helps me in areas such as product design and product innovation – during design, development, adaptation to different production technologies and materials, and in the search for solutions and problem solving.

Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing