Project Description

Car Body Products – Product Sketches

Year: 2005 – 2014


The development of car body products always starts with the first and main stage – product sketches. Whether it’s an aerodynamic product, a functional product, or a complete body kit detail set, the structure of the product through the sketching process before proceeding to make it work. In the gallery you can see some of the projects that have gone through the product sketching process: Safari snorkel – Volkswagen Touareg; Car rear bumper diffuser – Lancia Delta Integrale; Front bumper – body kit car bumper; Hood scoops and rear window spoilers; Roof box; Tablet holder – car mount; Car interior – hot rod car.

Safari Snorkel

Car Exterior Body Kits

Car Interior Body Kits


This is an essential part of the manufacturing process for a product designer – craftsman when he has to design the finished product. In each project, the stages after the product sketches pass successively because constructive features are specified and it is known how to approach the production of the customized product. When the product process goes through, the sketches are the ones that answer different questions, opportunities for changes and product development. I have always kept on the conceptual development of car body products because the feedback between me and the customer is far better and more flexible.

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Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing