Project Description

Digitization Machine

Year: 2016


Technological development is already noticeably visible in different branches, industries, productions and service types. All this further stimulates the need for digitization of information. The paper carrier will become more and more rare until it disappears completely. A “digitization machine” is a development that can benefit the smooth transition from paper to digitization. Project in which I was invited to develop an automated system whose function is to digitize documents, diaries, archival documents, books and more. The invitation grew into a partnership that made me part of the project. The development and communication was carried out with two people – Lubomir Vanyov, co-founder of this project and engineer Ilian Todorov, a hardware specialist.

3D Model

Product Sketches


I developed: bearing structure and overall arrangement of the automated system; the individual devices, their operation and all the details from which they are built; choice of materials, basic details and the elements from which the entire machine is made. Upgrading the devices, designing exoskeleton and external hardware housing panels, as well as assembling a functional prototype. The machine is made up of several devices with different functions and a certain sequence of operations. Adapted automation has linear guides, bearings and bearers. After installing the hardware components, management software will be developed.

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Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing