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Disability Equipment

Year: 2012 – 2017



The causes of accidents and the resulting injury can be due to many factors – work accidents, sports, sudden movements in everyday life, crashes, overloads and falls. It all started with my client and already a partner in this project – Ventsislav Angelov. After a injury and a recovery process, he came to the conclusion of a feeling of discomfort, inconvenience and inadequate functionality in the standard and familiar to us all crutches. After thorough analysis of the relevant products in this area, a product has been developed that has a specific multifunctionality. This partnership project led to the creation of product identity – UNIERGO.

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The development has acquired various transformations and a prototyping process. In a restorative process of injury, fracture, or strain, it is very important to realize that it does not only work with one type of medical device – disability equipment. The idea was by changing the details of the module to be transformed a radically different product and its function to sound clear and accurate. Basically, two types of crutches are used for recovery – the underarm crutch and the elbow crutch. To the main two products we added two more functional accessories. “Multifunctional Crutch” includes a modular system of components combined in an easily prefabricated and demountable structure, going into four major products and two additional accessories: underarm crutch; elbow crutch; tripod cane – triangle adaptor; walker; water bottle holder and storage box holder for mobile phone, wallet and small supplies. The product can be used as: Disability equipment; Rehabilitation auxiliary equipment in rehabilitation centers; Disability equipment for recovery from physical trauma and injuries in sport clubs and sport teams; Disability equipment for recovery from physical trauma and injuries in army.

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