Project Description


Year: 2004 – 2006


Furniture is a product that has to meet specific needs and demands. They have a different application in the environment that surrounds us – in the household, in the workplace, in shops, and more. They meet strictly defined functional and ergonomic requirements, but develop as structures, styles and trends over time. To each piece of furniture, people have the appropriate expectations, to fulfill its purpose and certain function. The directions in which I have developed projects are in the field of home interior, office space, commercial equipment and seating furniture. Each project carries its specificity, requirements and specific application.

Kitchen Furniture – Mock-up Model

Shoe Store Shelves

Office Furniture



The first development is kitchen – a demonstration mockup, the purpose of which is to present the activity of a furniture manufacturer. I designed a model for a single-row kitchen, and the model was a complement to the project. The second is for commercial equipment – shoe store shelves, shoe merchant. Conceptual developments have not limited the types of structures, modules, functionalities and combinations of production technologies and materials. The third development is for office furniture, designed to produce different types of furniture. The concepts covered a wide range of individual desk structures, a combination of “desk and table” and coworking spaces furniture. The conceptual development of the chairs has not been completed and has developed over time.

Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing