Project Description


Year: 2005 – 2006


Like every product, the seat has its purpose and requirements to meet. It is an example of how the product should interact with the person. Functionality and ergonomics are essential for this type of products, combined with a balanced structure, manufacturing technology and materials used. I developed a seat that has different uses: a seating area designed for a desk, with an adjustable chair mechanism for office chair; vehicle seat; stadium bench seat.

Final Product

Seats – Product Sketches


The development proceeded with the construction of a main model of polyurethane structure. The finished product is made of composite materials – glass fiber, resin and gelcoat. The additional plastic accessories are made by vacuum forming. The main upholstery of the seat is made of synthetic leather, as well as the extra soft accessories to it. During the project, I developed various conceptual seating options for: bus seats, simulator seats, cinema seats and more. In the conceptual variants and upcoming developments there will be different combinations of technologies and materials: composites; plastics; structures of metal details; some of the models will feature even wooden details.

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Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing