Project Description

Steering Wheels with Joysticks

Year: 2005


Technological advances in the automotive industry new dimensions and transformations in vehicle management. The car interior changes and evolves along with the needs of the people. The car interior changes and evolves along with the needs of the people. The situation in which drivers are located and are driving the vehicle, changes as accessibility to functions, the ergonomics and the structure of the main functional details for its management. In this direction, I have developed the conceptual solutions for automotive dashboards structures. The main accent is on driving the car, using a multifunction steering wheel, joysticks and function control buttons on them.

Car Control Panels

Steering Wheel with Joysticks

Joysticks and Speedometers


The conceptual development covers: variants of structures and main panels of dashboards; steering wheels and control grips; joysticks with control buttons; speedometers in the form of car dashboard consoles. The idea of ​​the main dashboard panel is to have areas with interactive access to information, touch screens, motion detectors, and voice commands. The project has prerequisites for development of the conceptual variants and their subsequent development – 3D modeling, development of models and prototypes, until reaching a main prototype. The goal is to achieve an appropriate structure and functionality, combined with optimal ergonomics and access to steering wheels with joysticks and control grips. The end product will have combinations of different manufacturing technologies, materials, components and equipment.

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Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing