Project Description

Universal Lathe

Year: 2017


In machine building, the need to adapt to new technologies is driven by the massive automation and digitization of manufacturing processes in the industry. The combination of hardware components, automation and mechanical parts is present in the structure and the functions of each machine. This greatly changed the development, implementation and production of the metalworking machines. The universal lathe is only a small example of changes in the structure, working environment and the interaction of the operator with the machine tool. In the process of conversation and discussion with a producer of such machines – ZMM Bulgaria – I have developed for them several conceptual options for product identity.

Product Sketches


The conceptual developments are tailored to specific models of universal lathes of the company – CU 400, CU 500. The ideas are aimed at changing the overall structure, the product identity, functional and ergonomic zones in the universal lathe. Considering the current production capacity and resources of the company. The basic structure, parts and details are made of metal, but with the tendency to implemented other types of materials – composites, engineering plastics and other resistant materials with high physical and mechanical properties. The development of the work environment around the lathe also implies innovations: new functional details and machine components; changes in functional areas; adaptation and implementation of control displays, with new principles for the universal lathe management etc.

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Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing