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Project Description

Water-Attraction Vehicle

Year: 2004 – 2008


The idea for the creation of the “water-attraction vehicle” is for entertainment, training and hobby (fishing). This is a type of “catamaran” – with length 3 meters and width of 1.9 meters. The hands and feet are involved in the movement of the vehicle, but the muscles in the torso area are also pressured. All this leads to an improvement in overall body tone, in addition to the intense body load. There is a special place for sitting, which can be used either for a break or fishing. The product is intended for hotels, holiday homes, tourist towns, sanatoriums and areas specialized in water tourism – near lakes, dams and sea gulfs.

Prototype – Scale 1:2


The development is at the mockup model level – scale 1:2. The project will continue with the development of a main prototype. A supporting structure will be used (a frame), covered by a main hull (plastics, composite materials), and the principle of control is analogous to some gym exercises. A main hull is situated between the two boat shell parts, and on top of it two platform-pedals are tightly fixed. The pedals will not rotate, pressure will cause the movement of the water-pushing mechanism to be reproduced, located under the main hull. The direction of movement will be determined by the two keels, located at the rear of the boat shells. The movement of the keels will be accomplished by additional handles located on the tubular structure.

Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing