1.Use of “cookies”:

When visiting website www.solo-form.com, data is automatically being collected by the online Google tool – “Google Analytics”, for the purpose of which, “cookies” are being used. The “cookies” are actually small text files or small data packages, that are stored by the Internet browser of Your electronic device – a desktop computer (PC), a laptop, smartphone or tablet – when visiting different websites and pages in the Internet. The main purpose of the “cookies” is to make the user recognizable when they come back to a website. Some “cookies” have more specific application, for example: they memorate the user’s behaviour while being in the website, in order to make it easier for them (the internet users) when visiting the same website again. You can find more information on how “cookies” function on the Internet.

2.How this website uses the “cookies”?

The “cookies” in this website – www.solo-form.com – are being used mainly for the purpose of making it easier to use and browse through the website, to improve its work process and to store the information for the users’ behaviour. In this process, the personal data is not being used for recognizing the user’s identity, i.e. by using the “cookies” this website cannot identify you as a personality. The data gathered by the “cookies” is usually being used in a summarized form for the purpose of analysis of the user’s behaviour and habits in the frame of the website, which allows improvement and optimization of the functionality of the website as well as further development of the provided content by the Owner of the website.

3.What kind of “cookies” are being used in this website?

3.1.Session “cookies”:

This type of “cookies” makes it easier for you to use the website by storing data temporarily, only within the frames of the session of the used web browser. Usually, the information they store is what pages on this website you have visited and how you reached to certain piece of information. Session “cookies” do not collect data from your end device and they are deleted automatically when you leave the website or discontinue the session on your web browser.

3.2.Persistent “cookies”:

These “cookies” make it possible to store certain types of information for the “browsing”, for example: analysis of the visits on the website, how you reached the website, what pages you viewed, what options you chose, as well as what direction you are following in this website. The tracking of this information makes it possible to make improvements and optimizations on the website, which includes the correction of mistakes in it and enrichment of its contents. The storage period of this type of “cookies” varies depending on their specific purpose.

4.Third parties’ cookies:

On this website, you can find links to other websites and social media sites’ contents which is built-in – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Vimeo, as well as links to presentation websites with partnerships’ projects – www.uniergo.com and www.hteconomizer.com. When visiting these websites or when opening their contents, it is possible that the “cookies” these websites use to be stored on your end device. Namely these “cookies” are being defined as “third parties’ cookies” – and in these regards, there is no way we can control their generation and management. For that purpose you need to look for more information about the “cookies” and their way of management on the websites of the so called “third parties”.

5.How can I manage the “cookies” in this website?

All web browser allow the management of “cookies” with the help of a folder in your web browser which has been created specifically for that. You can block the receipt of “cookies”, you can delete them all, a part of them or you can also create your own preference settings with regards to the usage of “cookies” before you initiate a visit to website www.solo-form.com. Please, bear in mind that deleting or blocking the “cookies” might have an unfavourable effect on your visit to this website, thus it might have a negative effect on your experience as its user.

6.Turning off or blocking “cookies”:

Controlling, turning off or blocking the “cookies” can be managed in the settings of your web browser. The complete ban for the usage of all “cookies” might reflect on the efficiency of the website and the access to some parts of the information published on it. Taking into account the right for protection of personal data, Internet users have the right to choose and not to use certain kinds of “cookies”. Of course, all this can reflect on the overall functioning of the corresponding website. As a result, a specific type of “cookies” is mandatory and necessary for the proper operation of the website. One type of “cookies” that are considered useful, for example, are the “cookies” that allow the counting of the number of visits, as well as the different web traffic sources – result-oriented “cookies”. Based on the data from these “cookies”, analysis can be run, and this would allow the creation of statistics which will be used to increase the results achieved by this website. The information collected from these cookies can also show which are the most popular pages, the least visited ones, as well as the traffic of Internet users within the borders of the website. The data collected by the “cookies” and then analized, is 100% anonymous and is not being used to identify Internet users in order to affect their stay in the website, or for abuse by providing it to third parties. When there is a ban on this type of “cookies”, the Owner of the website will not be able to analyze the visits, the habits and preferences of the internet users in an optimal way.