Participation in the progress of the main brand “Solo Form” – in its sub-brands “Boater Design”, “Fulmech Design”, “Rotactio Design” and “Vehimotus”. Offering various forms of partnership, with investment and acquisition of shares in the already created sub-brands, or percentage participation in product developments. Another possible direction is the purchase of already built projects, the acquisition of exclusive rights or the use of a partial license over already built product developments. Among the priority goals of Solo Form is the creation of own products and their realization on the market. These are product developments that are at an advanced stage of development, oriented towards implementation in production and subsequent market realization. Added the opportunity to participate in Solo Form campaigns – to raise funds to build or finalize stages in specific product developments.


Value-added investment always has long-term potential. In this case, opportunities are offered for investment and acquisition of shares in the sub-brands of Solo Form. This is a direction whose goal is to create own developments and final products in the respective sub-brands. As a separate option, a choice for investing in a specific project will be offered, acquiring a certain percentage share in view of the investment. This option will exclude the acquisition of a share in the respective sub-brand. The start of specific talks on the form of participation, type of partnership and investment intentions will take place after joint analyzes, market research and hearing of the priorities and goals of both parties. Various opportunities and options for participation will be discussed, in view of the intentions, priorities and size of the investment. The purpose of these talks is to proceed in a direction that will contribute to reaching mutually beneficial conditions for both parties. The next step will be procedures covering the form of partnership, on the basis of which the two sides will build their further cooperation. Change of the conditions of partnership, sale of projects and licensing rights, the amount of investment in the development of the sub-brand and developments will be carried out after discussion and procedure for acceptance of the changes. There are several directions of development in the already created sub-brands, towards the main brand Solo Form. These are the sub-brands: Boater Design, Fulmech Design, Rotactio Design and Vehimotus. The four sub-brands cover different types of areas and product developments. For more details, you can see the presentation of sub-brands…

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Projects Selling

The purchase of projects is an opportunity to acquire already built added value. The direction in which the specific product developments are offered are for the purpose of acquisition by the buyer of different types of rights – partial or exclusive, in the respective development. Except for projects in the advanced or final phase, it is possible to offer for sale any project at an early stage, but with the potential for further development. This will allow offering to sell and transfer copyright, which is also a form of acquisition. Each of the developments offered for purchase will be discussed and analyzed – what market potential it has and what are its opportunities for further development. Negotiations on possible options for acquisition will be conducted on the basis of serious interest. If a potential buyer wishes to make his own analysis and research, different types of preliminary agreements will be concluded.The sale and transfer of rights over the project will be reached at the moment when the transaction is mutually beneficial for both parties – seller and buyer. The presentation of the projects here is in summary form. It will be specified what is offered for purchase in the project itself – project documentation, possible intellectual property, copyrights, test products and prototypes, product identity with potential for trademark registration, web address or available website, etc. For more detailed information and to start possible conversations, it will be done after the request is received. In this case, two developments are proposed, which have reached their respective stages of development – adaptation for production. Both projects are in the final phase of specifying production characteristics and subsequent possibility for implementation in production. The projects have gone through a major design cycle and development, including test models, major prototypes and pre-production prototypes. The following projects are presented to your attention: “Multifunctional Crutch” and “System for Energy Savings”. You can get acquainted in more detail with the available projects for sale…

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System for Energy
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Targeting projects aimed at building a product and offering it for direct sale to customers is among the top priorities. This is the basis of the long-term strategy for the development of the main brand Solo Form. All this will be channeled and implemented as processes, through each of its sub-brands – Boater Design, Fulmech Design, Rotactio Design and Vehimotus. The goals are aimed at projects that will go through the entire stages of the project process “Product Design and Development”. The next steps of the development include reaching and adapting to the process of implementation in production, finalization of product stages, building a marketing strategy and offering the product for direct sale. The selection of the respective product developments is done in very early stages before the start of the project process. All this is done on the basis of a thorough product analysis, accompanied by determining the target market – market segmentation and potential customers, which will be offered the product. In each project, oriented to the final product for sale, the availability of advantages and characteristics necessary for the creation of potential for such a product is sought. The ultimate goal is to offer products for direct sale to customers on behalf of the respective sub-brand. It is planned to present projects in an advanced stage of development – basic prototype or pre-production prototype. Developments will be presented, in even more advanced stages of development – with the forthcoming implementation in production or already finalized final product, which is available for sale. There is also a variant in which the developments have already reached the final stages, to be directed to manufacturers, companies and investors for partnership, licensing, project sale or other cooperation options. You can get acquainted with the available products, which are oriented for direct sale…


Participation in fundraising campaigns is an initiative in which a specific project and its further development can be supported. This initiative is not intended to offer any form of participation or partnership. These fundraising campaigns provide an opportunity for each person and his personal judgment, and with what amount to support the building of added value in a specific product development. These are usually stages or sub-stages of the project process – aimed at developments that need to start or complete certain procedures. It covers a wide range of stages and sub-stages related to the form of presentation or implementation of the project. The financial support will be focused on priority technical processes – preparation and development of test models, main prototype or pre-production prototype; production of technical equipment – main models, molds or mold tools; adaptation and implementation in product production, etc. In some cases, the funds raised could be used to build a website or product identity, capture and design product and presentation videos, and more. These fundraising campaigns could also be useful for processes related to: legal procedures, acquisition of certificates, registration of intellectual property, finalization of product stages, development of marketing strategies, processes for implementation in production, offering for sale and others. The collection of the respective amounts will be done with the help of a presented project, which will indicate the processes and stages that need financial support. With this option, everyone will have the opportunity to contribute to the construction of the project with an amount at their own discretion. You can get acquainted in more detail with the available projects and developments…


The development of own products is a part of the growth and philosophy of Solo Form. The creation of sub-brands is the logical continuation of this strategy, both in short and long term. For Solo Form, diversification is a key element to its establishment as a brand – in the direction of product development. The formation of such potential is a long process due to the need for accumulation and selection of specific areas in which to create products. Projects were built, being a basis for development of own products. They will seek new opportunities, markets and customers, upgrading and developing products for different purposes.

Thus, with the already created Boater Design, Fulmech Design, Rotactio Design and Vehimotus, priority is given to specific areas and directions of development whose efforts will be directed to build products. The development of own products is one of the three main directions of Solo Form. The other priorities are focused on offering services and participation in partnership projects. Own products are both short-term and long-term strategy for the development of the main brand Solo Form. Due to the different levels of progress of the developments, there will be a different approach to the planned products in these sub-brands in the passing of the respective process “Product Design and Development” and all stages and sub-stages in it.

For Solo Form, its priorities are in the areas of product design and product innovations. One of the main directions is the development of own products – their adaptation and deployment, their realization and the acquisition of intellectual property rights related to them. Another main priority for Solo Form is the product design services – design, consulting and project development. At the same time, it follows a direction of development, establishing long-term relationships and cooperation with companies and subcontractors in different fields – prototyping, production, marketing, etc. Added value for Solo Form is also a top priority. One of the directions of development is the generation of intellectual property – trademark registration, industrial design rights, utility models and inventions, as well as their assignment and sale of licensing rights.

Solo Form

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