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For Solo Form the main priorities during development of product are: analysis of real potential and opportunities for development of the idea; taking into consideration the engineering, production, economic and marketing characteristics of the project; searching for solutions in the event of problems; creating variants and directions for development and experimentation with principles, functions, technologies and materials.

All this has been built over the years on the basis: development of own products; production of custom products and services in the field of product design; creating sustainable relationships in partnership projects and developments.

Communication is an essential part of the process, so feedback is important during the project. Another major element is the collaboration with the specialists and subcontractors involved in the project, whether they are manufacturers, engineers, constructors, technologists, marketers, economists, managers, software and hardware specialists, academics and others.

The Founder

Eng. Pavel Vlahov

Product Designer, Design Engineer, Inventor and Craftsman.

Founder of Solo Form brand. Founder of the product brands Boater Design, Fulmech Design, Rotactio Design and Vehimotus. The priorities and development of the Solo Form brand are focused on the areas of product design, product development and product innovation. The main directions of development are services in the field of product design and product development; development of own products and brands; participation in partnership projects for products and product innovations. Co-founder and co-inventor in several partnership projects: “HTEconomizer – System for Energy Savings”, “Bathroom System”, “Uniergo – Multifunctional Crutch”, “Tablet for Blind People” and others. Skills and experience in custom made products, processes for prototype development and experimental models, development of prototypes and organization of small scale production of products.



Продуктов дизайн
Продуктов дизайн
Продуктов дизайн



We have been working with Pavel for several years and have successfully completed many innovative projects. Collaborating with him is always easy and pleasant thanks to his precision, scrupulousness and fast work.
B2N Ltd., 3D printing & 3D technologies

Creativity and common sense do not always go hand in hand. It is apparent, in Pavel’s work they are best frends.

Dimitar Hristov, CEO at Cluster Sofia Knowledge City

My impressions from Pavel Vlahov as a product designer are excellent – creative, inventive, resourceful, punctual in fulfillment of his assignments. His professionalism can be trusted.

Nikolai Kamov, CEO at Nextdoor Ltd.

Pavel possesses incredible capabilities as a designer and a visionary. He manages to combine his knowhow and experience across a wide range of industries when designing and developing products.

Angel Kelchev, Head of Equity Partnerships в OYO USA, Partner at ASK EQUITY, Executive director в Pathways
Pavel is a really good professional! He does not just work on a particular project, but puts all his soul and heart into creating a product.
Atanas Atanasov, Co-founder, Revel club and Beats Vision
Good communication and professional approach, I recommend!
Lyubomir Vanyov, Co-founder, Shkolo

My work with Mr. Vlahov is pleasant and full of inspiration. We have been working together for 15 years and I am always impressed by his creative ideas and quality of the finished product.

Ivan Belchev, Web Designer

We have been working with Pavel since 2014. I do not know a more understanding listener, a more productive engineer, or a deeper connoisseur of man’s connection to the product than this man. For me, our acquaintance is a school.

Eng. Todor Nestorov, partner in projects “HTEconomizer” and “Ecoboil”


Over the years, Solo Form follows a main philosophy: “Form Follows Function”. The idea of a good and valuable design is its functionality, without which design is incomplete. This makes it realistic for the market, applicable, innovative and useful to people, regardless of its purpose.

For Solo Form, its priorities are in the areas of product design and product innovations. One of the main directions is the development of own products – their adaptation and deployment, their realization and the acquisition of intellectual property rights related to them.

Another main priority for Solo Form is the product design services – design, consulting and project development. At the same time, it follows a direction of development, establishing long-term relationships and cooperation with companies and subcontractors in different fields – prototyping, production, marketing, etc.

Added value for Solo Form is also a top priority. One of the directions of development is the generation of intellectual property – trademark registration, industrial design rights, utility models and inventions, as well as their assignment and sale of licensing rights.

Solo Form relies on the potential and will continue to participate in future partner projects, but under strict conditions, budget and marketing strategy.

Solo Form

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