Terms of use of website – www.solo-form.com

Please read the published “Terms and Conditions” entirely before using the informative materials and the contents of the website. The present document contains information on the general purpose of the corresponding website, by arranging the relations between the “Owner of the website” and the “Internet users”.

The current terms and conditions arrange the relations between the “Owner of the website” on one side, and the “Internet users” who visited and viewed the pages located on this website – www.solo-form.com, on the other side.

The Owner of Website – www.solo-form.com is Pavel Dimitrov Vlahov; email address: info@solo-fom.com; telephone number for contact: +359 889 297 598

By accessing the contents of the Internet pages of this website, you agree and are obliged to comply with the present “Terms and Conditions” and the accompanying amendments. The confirmation of the “Terms and Conditions” is a necessary and a mandatory condition, as well as their acceptance – thus, the “Internet User” agrees that their personal data will be processed for the purpose of communication, improvement and optimization of the website and analysis on the users’ behaviour within its frame.

Under the condition that you do NOT agree with the indicated “Terms and Conditions”, please do not use website – www.solo-form.com:

1.Purpose of the website:

Internet users have the right to access the website which includes access through a web browser to the informative resources in the website – texts, pictures, videos and logos. The website has a goal to present the Owner of the website. Summarized information on the offered services is presented in page “Services”, and in particular in “Services, copyrights and shareholding”. It is explained in the contents of the website that the text has the purpose to inform and to introduce the main parameters and requirements for the offered services and implementation of cooperation. All details related to the development of a project, cooperation and other forms of joint activity, will be discussed and managed outside the form of the website – on business meetings, discussions and analysis on the corresponding project(s). The type of business relations will be specified between the contracting authority and the executor on preliminary discussions and consultations. The forms of communication are presented on page “Contacts”, where the Internet users have a choice of communication options – using an adapted “contact form”, making a call to the provided telephone number for contact, going to the social media sites listed and/or sending an email. When using the provided contact form built-in the website, the following data will be stored: name, email address and telephone number for contact. This data will be used solely and only for purpose of communication and feedback by the Owner of the website. Additional information that is visible when using the contact form (meta information) – IP address, web browser used and its version, device operating system and url address. If desired and specified by the Internet user, the storage of this personal data will be deleted from the platform of the website.

2.Intellectual property:

2.1.The rights on the intellectual property for all materials and resources located in the website are object under protection of the “Copyright and Related Rights”. They belong to the Owner of the Website or the accordingly assigned individual, who relinquished the right for use to the Owner of the Website, and therefore cannot be used in infringement of the active legislation.

2.1.When copying or recreating the information outside the admissible limitations, as well as when violating any of the rights on the intellectual property on the resources of the Owner of the website, then the Owner of the website has the right to claim compensation for the occuring direct and indirect damages in full amount.

2.3.Except for the cases when it was explicitly discussed and agreed on, the Internet user cannot reproduce, change, delete, publish, share and announce in any other way the informative resources published in this website: texts, logos, photos and/or videos and others without the explicit consent and permission of the Owner of the website.

2.4.The Owner of the website is obliged to take the necessary care and to provide the Internet users with regular access to the information resources published on the website.

2.5.The Owner of the website keeps the right to suspend the access to the provided data and information sources on the website. The Owner of the Website has the right, but not the obligation, depending on their own judgement, to amend or delete information and any materials published on the website.


In connection with the adherence to correct and open interrelations with the Internet users, who visit and will continue to visit website – www.solo-form.com, the Owner of the website provides “Privacy Policy”, which you can get acquainted with here. The website uses an online Google tool – Google Analytics – a tool that covers statistical analysis of the users’ behaviour and habits in the frame of the website during one or more visits to the same website. The correlated users’ data and details are collected with the help of “cookies”, in this relation, you can find the “Cookies Policy” here. In case you notice any irregularities, please contact the Owner of the Website to make the necessary amendments immediately.

Internet ethics obliges all sides – the Owner of the website and the Internet users – to comply with the ethical standards, maintain good behaviour and language, as well as the resulting (if any) possible communication and business relations. It is possible that preconditions for malicious actions of third parties can arise, which might be in complete contradiction with the rules of Internet Ethics. Similar actions might damage, limit or complicate the proper functioning of the website – regardless if speaking about (DoS – Denial of Service), penetration into the server, access to data – names and passwords (SQL Injection) and/or other.

By introducing the personal details of all “Partners” on the platform of the website, the Owner of the website guarantees that he has received from them, in one form or another, their explicit consent and approval to present and show his relations with them, without offending or harming the name, reputation and business activity of any of the correlated personal identities or legal entities.


4.1.The main obligation of the Owner of the website is to maintain the information existing on the website, accurate and up-to-date. It is possible that technical accidents, inaccuracies and flaws may occur, but as such, they will be corrected at first opportunity. The Owner of the website will take any necessary actions, as much as it is possible for him, to control the normal functioning of the website. The exceptions to this rule are technical incidents related to the services provided by the hosting provider, which can hinder the proper functioning of the website for undefined period of time.

4.2.The Owner of the website is not responsible for consequences by eventual malicious attack(s) by third parties or damages resulting from unregulated access to the website, which might complicate the access of the internet users to the website, or may lead to its misperformance. The Owner of the website is not responsible for the cases when the users have doubts about the accuracy of the information due to difference in opinions, points of view or subjective perceptions, taking into consideration the information and contents in the website. The informative resources on the website are not in conflict with the national or European legislation. The authenticity and interpretation of the informative materials in the website – texts, logos, pictures and videos, are not meant to offend, harm, or abuse anyone; the informative materials published on the website are meant to provide full, authentic and useful information, which can enrich the knowledge of the Internet users with its contents and make their stay in the website much more pleasant and enjoyable.

The Owner of the website has the right to seek his rights when the following takes place:

– Аbuse(s) with the website and its existing contents – texts, pictures and videos, logos, and other.

– Impairment of reputation and name, defamation and apocryphal facts deriving from the contents of the website.

4.3.The Owner of the website keeps their right to inform the Internet users of any changes taking place, additions, innovations, or main change in the functions and purpose of the website, which may have an impact on their actions when visiting the same website – all described above refers to the data collected by the website, stored and analyzed for the purpose of statistics based on the users’ behavior and habits within the limits of this website. In all the cases described above, the owner of the website needs to amend, adapt and publish and updated “Terms & Conditions”.