Solo Form

In 2004, the foundations of Solo Form have been laid down as an idea and approach to search for solutions and to create potential in product design and product innovation development. The main goals of Solo Form are to solve problems in the surrounding world, innovation in different fields and in development of products. It follows the direction for improvement and upgrading of potential projects and their transformation into real products. Solo Form develops its philosophy, identity and methods of work based services on product design, development of own products and sustainable relationships in partner projects. Pavel Vlahov is the founder of Solo Form - product designer, design engineer, inventor and craftsman. Practical experience in different fields - product design, product innovations and custom products. Production of custom handmade products, development of prototypes and organization of small scale production of products. Technical skills: Modeling process - industrial design clay; Prototyping and modelmaking process - product design; Development of matrix molds for composite products and vacuum forming of plastics; CAD software. Materials used for prototypes and making mock-up models: industrial design clay, composite materials, industrial and engineering plastics, polyurethane foam, plaster, metal, metal alloys, wood.