Boater Design is a sub-brand of Solo Form.

Development of products for fun and fishing. Watercrafts and water attractions. Bait boat hulls and additional accessories for them. Watercrafts and water attractions are designed for hotels, holiday homes, tourist towns, sanatoriums and areas specialized in water tourism – near lakes, dams and sea gulfs. The bait boat hulls will be part of the equipment of fishermen, giving them the freedom to assemble their own project. They can add all sorts of components and accessories, in view of their requirements, possibilities and desires.

Fulmech Design is a sub-brand of Solo Form.

Development of hardware products and machine product design. Various solutions for structures, panels, control components and devices. Various solutions for structures, panels, control components and devices. Development of various types of hardware panels, tablets, mobile and stationary devices, control consoles, display console panels, machine control panels, cantilever structures and hardware housing panels for scanning sensors. Creation of product concepts and solutions in the field of electronics, automation and machines.

Rotactio Design is a sub-brand of Solo Form.

Development of compact vehicles and bicycles. Specialized vehicle dashboards, steering wheels with joysticks and seats. Development of ultra compact vehicles – with foot and electric drive. Different types of small vehicles – bicycles, tricycles, quadricycles, etc. Compact vehicles (utility vehicles) for various activities – for a walk in the park or in nature; for delivery of mail and various types of utilities; in production workshops, warehouses and farms – for material transfer and waste disposal; for specialized transportation of disabled people, etc. The vehicles will be mainly single-seater, but according to the purpose and needs, two-seater variants are also possible.

Vehimotus is a sub-brand of Solo Form.

Development of products, accessories and concepts for vehicles – vehicle exterior and interior solutions. A priority will be given to products for motor vehicles – cars (daily cars, sports cars and rally cars), motorcycles (touring motorcycles, track motorcycles, etc.), crossovers and compact SUVs, standard SUVs, van cars, minivan cars, pick-up cars and trucks, vans, different types of light and heavy vehicles, trailers, etc. The range of products will be expanded in time and it will cover other types of vehicles. Development of different types of main products, complementary products and accessories for the exterior and interior in the vehicles. The goal of the products is to cover specific requirements – functional, constructive, visual and production characteristics. Clear-cut product solutions will cover basic requirements in the field of aerodynamics and their optimization. Next follows a direction for development of functional products and accessories, which cover different aspects – vehicle dashboards, panel consoles, structure elements, construction parts, zone optimizations, etc. Developments can also include products with an emphasis on styling and performance accessories. The conceptual solutions will be directed towards individual products, refinements of specific zones or development of the concept of the vehicle.

Uniergo is a sub-brand in a partnership project – co-owned by Solo Form.

After a injury and a recovery process, the conclusion of a feeling of discomfort, inconvenience and inadequate functionality in the standard and familiar to us all crutches. After thorough analysis of the relevant products in this area, a product has been developed that has a specific multifunctionality. “Multifunctional Crutch” includes a modular system of details and easily demountable and prefabricated structure, going into four products: underarm crutch; elbow crutch; tripod cane – triangle adaptor; walker; water bottle holder and storage box holder for mobile phone, wallet and small supplies. The product can be used as: Disability equipment; Rehabilitation auxiliary equipment in rehabilitation centers; Disability equipment for recovery from physical trauma and injuries in sport clubs and sport teams; Disability equipment for recovery from physical trauma and injuries in army.

HTEconomizer is a sub-brand in a partnership project – co-owned by Solo Form.

The limitations on the wasting of resources and putting an end to their chaotic usage are the factors that brought us to the idea for the creation of the “HTEconomizer” product. By transforming the secondary energy from the hot water into an extremely useful residual product, we can save money and natural resources. When using hot water for daily needs, we lose many benefits and do not ponder how much residual energy water actually has. Looking at the details of renewable energy sources, we will understand that this is a source that completes the overall look of the so-called “green energy”. The “Еnergy saving system” optimally uses residual energy from hot water in a particular direction. The lower the base temperature in the water tank, the more electricity is required to heat it. Going through “HTEconomizer”, the refuse water warms the cold one coming through the plumbing without mixing and direct contact between them, and returns the already heated water to the water tank. As a result of all this, the used heater works less, saves more and uses less energy. It is mounted under the siphon of the sink, and the operation and cleaning of the sink is convenient and easy.

Ecoboil is a sub-brand in a partnership project – co-owned by Solo Form.

Ecoboil is a natural continuation of the project “HTEconomizer – energy saving system”. We did not deviate from the concept of using the secondary heat energy from the waste hot water, but simply continued it and developed it into a new product. Efforts in the new project focused on a system that is located on the wall in the bathroom – “Ecoboil – bathroom system”. The development is a continuation of “HTEconomizer”, but in a much more advanced version and with application in another environment – the bathroom. A hybrid product based on part of the structure of HTEconomizer, but in combination with several other devices and principles. A variant with hardware structure and software will also be developed. The development is in the process of improving the main product structure and optimizing its functionality. All this is done in order to improve the development and turn it into a compact and well-functioning product. It is intended to be mounted as a device on the wall in the bathroom, in the adapted bathing space.

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