1.Purpose of website –

The website – has been developed with a pretentious goal in mind, which is aimed in direction of presenting the Owner of the website – Pavel Dimitrov Vlahov; email:; telephone number for contact: +359 889 297 598. Business relationships may occur as a result of communication through the established contact options in the website, if afterwards this communication has been continued outside the frame of this platform. The website is not an online store or a platform for ordering goods or services – and in this connection, a system for online payments or any kind of online ordering is not being used. The website analyzes the corresponding personal data of the Internet users for the purpose of optimization, improvement and development of the contents and the information published in its pages. All corresponding personal data (name, email address and telephone number for contact; meta information that is visible when using the contact form – IP address, web browser used and its version, device operating system and url address.) is being saved in conscientious ways complying with the legal requirements, or is being deleted if this is what is desired by the Internet user(s). You can get acquainted with the “Terms & Conditions” of the website here.

2.Storage of personal data:

In case of enquiries sent by the Internet users who have visited the website, the provided data will be used solely and only for the sake of communication and for response to the enquiries (if any) by the Owner of the website. The data would be used for the purpose of contact – communication in respect with the information published on the website; as a result of this communication, business relations could be established – a necessity driven only by the side of the Internet users. Summarized information has been provided in page “Services”, and in particular “Services, copyrights and shareholding”. It is explained in the contents that the corresponding text has been published for the purpose of informing and getting the users acquainted with the main parameters and requirements for providing services and execution of joint activities. All details in regards with the development of a project, cooperation and other forms of joint activity, would be discussed outside the frame of the website – on business meetings, discussions and analyses of the corresponding project. The forms of communication are provided in the website on page “Contacts”, where the Internet users are provided with a choice of ways to start the communication – via an adapted fill-in “contact form”, making a call using the provided telephone number for contact, social media sites or an email. When the users choose to use the contact fill-in form fitted in the website, the personal data entered will be stored – name, email address, and phone number. These personal details will be used solely and only for the purpose of communication and feedback by the Owner of the website. If desired by the user, the storage of personal data can be removed, and their data will be deleted from the platform of the website. Additional information that is visible when using the contact form (meta information) – IP address, web browser used and its version, device operating system and url address. In case you would like us to delete your personal details, please make sure to specify that by writing and including it in the enquiry you are sending! The personal details of the Internet users will NOT be provided to third parties for the purpose of trade and/or marketing.

3.Usage of “cookies”:

The owner of the website analyzes and uses the statistical data gathered with the usage of “cookies” – you can take a look at the “Cookies Policy” here. When the Internet users visit the website –, a certain type of information for them is being retrieved and stored through the web browser. This is done through technology for gathering and storing of data – “cookies”. This represents computer text data which is saved in the corresponding web browsers and then used by the Internet users when visiting and using websites. The information in them covers the corresponding Internet user – their preferences and behaviour, as well as the types of devices for access to the Internet – personal computer (PC), laptop, tablet or smartphone. This is the information being used by the website in order to improve its functionality. All this is being done for the purpose of website optimization and enrichment with information materials for the benefit of the Internet users, their time spent within the frame of the website and their beneficiation with the provided information – texts, pictures and videos. This summarizes the information which is being analyzed periodically by the owner of the website, and on the basis of which data is being retrieved and used to further optimize and improve the website. For the analyzes and management of all this information, we use the online service provided by Google – Google Analytics, which covers the statistical analyzes of the users’ behaviour and habits within the borders of a one or more visits to the website. The analytical tool by Google uses the corresponding “cookies” which gather the data on behalf of the first party, i.e. the owner of the website. All the data gathered and analyzed by Google is not being provided to third parties. The corresponding third parties, used by the website, are mainly social media websites – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube и Vimeo – and presentation websites with partnerships’ projects – and All third parties mentioned above use different types of “cookies” when the Internet users visit their platforms. All third parties mentioned above use different types of “cookies” when the Internet users visit their platforms. These websites have their own confidentiality policies, completely different than the one of website –, which also means that all references and domains outside the website of Solo-Form would be referred to as ‘third parties’.

4.Analysis of different types of users’ data:

When visiting the website –, the data will be analyzed via “Google Analytics” , with the help of using cookies. The website has access to statistical data and information about the habits, behaviour and preferences of the Internet users in the frame of the website. These are the following details:

– IP address
– login details
– details about the overall activity
– details about the activity on a particular page
– categories visited in the website
– most looked for publications
– most read publications
– type of the electronic device for access
– web browser used and its version
– device operating system
– device brand
– time zone
– url

5.Access to Information:

All Internet Users have rights on the personal data that has been collected by and entered through the platform of the website. It is their right to receive information on the storage and management of their personal details through the website’s platform, which has has been done by providing this document with the help of short, understandable and easily accessible information referring to the storage and analysis of the corresponding personal data. Internet users can receive additional information with regard to the usage, storage and management of personal details by sending a request to the owner of the website – Pavel Dimitrov Vlahov, email:; telephone number for contact: +359 889 297 598


The website does not use the personal data of the internet users for email campaigns, sending of email and/or text message ads – the personal details of the users in this regard are those entered via the contact form located on the “Contacts” page in the website. The owner of the website does not provide statistical data and information – gathered on the website by Google Analytics – to advertising agencies, who are conducting surveys, developing marketing strategies or executing direct marketing, which covers details like: interests statistics, preferences definition; clicks and other activities referring to ad banners and links that construct the inner statistics on the Internet users for any trade purposes.

All the gathered and analyzed information is being used by the owner of the website with good intentions and without any form of abuse for the purpose of improvement and optimization of the website; periodically updating and upgrading of the contents of the website; providing new functionalities; updating and enrichment of pages, texts, references, pictures and videos for enhancement of the users’ experience on the platform of the website; users’ behavioral and preferences analysis on the basis of their visit(s) to the website – visits frequency, preferred publications, types of pages visited, etc.

The Owner of the website keeps their right to inform the Internet users of any changes taking place, additions, innovations, or main change in the functions and purpose of the website, which may have an impact on their actions when visiting the same website – all described above refers to the data collected by the website, stored and analyzed for the purpose of statistics based on the users’ behavior and habits within the limits of this website. In all the cases described above, the owner of the website needs to amend, adapt and publish and updated “Privacy Policy”.