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Project Description

Vehicle For Disabled

Year: 2004 – 2006


When talking about people with disabilities, the focus should be mainly on their needs. One such direction is people with immobilized lower limbs, a form of disability that prevents full physical activity – walking, running, cycling and driving. A need like driving a car has laid the foundations for an idea that united a small team – five people – of which I was a part. The goal was to create a concept and foundation within two years on which it is possible to build a larger project. The basis for the whole project and the organization came from Mr. Petko Mishev – Research Scientist, Engineer – one of the pioneers of industrial design in Bulgaria.

Product Sketches


The project went through conceptual development, specification of structural and engineering features, mockups, models and basis for the development of a functional prototype. My role in it was to build the basic idea of ​​the car interior – the functioning and layout of the whole car interior space, through concepts and models. The idea is for self-handling and driving a vehicle from a wheelchair user. The sequence of use of the vehicle is as follows: remote lowering of the tail lift; hanging and pulling the man with the wheelchair through a mechanism; moving to the control and fixing the wheelchair; lifting the tail lift and closing the door. The project was proposed to the local government in Ruse and Automotor Corporation JSC – Sofia.

Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing