Project Description

Bait Boat Hull

Year: 2011 – 2015 | 2018 – 2022



The bait boat hull that will be part of the equipment of anglers, giving them the freedom to assemble their own project. By providing them with a larger dimensions, they can add all sorts of components and accessories to it in view of their requirements, possibilities and desires. The hull has the following dimensions – 882 mm. length, 613 mm. width, and 358 mm. height. This is a type of “trimaran”, but with a more massive structure for better stability. The boat container has a maximum capacity of 8 liters. Several optimal characteristics are combined in the product: stability in water, access to important equipment, bait capacity and deployment of more accessories and components. On the top of the two side boat shells, lids are going to be placed for easier access to the battery, without having to open the main hull. With a hull of this type, the feeding area covered will be much larger. I have also left the principle of opening to the anglers – mechanism for opening and lowering the bait. The hull will be mainly made of composite materials.

Final Design – 3D Model – Main Color “Black”

Final Design – 3D Model – Main Color “White”

Test Prototype of The Second Design – 3D Printed Model

Second Design – 3D Model

Test Model of The First Design – Milling Robot System KUKA

First Design – 3D Model

Product Sketches


The product is designed with larger dimensions, which gives possibility of more accessories and components: inner container – module with bait dividers (granular or liquid bait), from 6 to 12 options for placing the amount of bait (maximum 8 kg); adapted socket type “hemisphere” for sonar “Deeper; to the adapted sonar socket, there is an additional hemispherical capsule in which to install different types of hardware – sonar, camera or other type of device; large openings for access to batteries; possibility to mount photovoltaics on the two covers located at the top of the floaters; adapted niches, in the back of the hull – for propellers or thrusters, with 3D printed grids (of a certain type of durable and strong material), which will be installed by anglers. Inside the housing there is enough space for wiring and equipment with components. In both vessels there is an area for installation of the respective batteries, as well as for installation of the engines for the propellers or the thrusters. In the rest of the space there is an opportunity to experiment with the installation of GPS, camera equipment and different types of hardware. On the upper part of the hull are provided – niches for LEDs and an area for antenna placement, buttons and other components and indicators, in a separate niche for this purpose. Equipment and accessories can be arranged in a way that is considered appropriate by the anglers.

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Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing