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Project Description

Interior Door

Year: 2008


The approach to the door as a work of art makes it not just a complement but an accessory in the interior. The basis of this idea is to make the door look like carving, with a floral motif composition. The product can be executed both with relief on one side or both sides. It is a matter of preference, but in this case the client has chosen a one-sided implementation. Thus the composition of details can be adapted from the appropriate side. The product has received its place in the interior of the owner. This is an individual development for a customer from the Netherlands.

3D Model


The production stages were realized in the Netherlands. Two types of wood were used to make a number of doors – oak and walnut tree. Well-prepared and glued structure of quality wood, and the relief made by 3D milling – CNC machine. This was followed by manual finishing and wood impregnation as a last step – a process that preserves the effect of the natural appearance of the wood and at the same time preserves it. All steps have been taken to obtain a real product and a final result that meets the customer’s requirements.

Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing