Project Description

Tablet for Blind People

Year: 2013 – 2015


There are products designed to meet the needs of disadvantaged people, and such a group are blind people. This project is one of the examples of how we can bring blind people into the dynamic modern world and technology. I was invited to develop a product design and functional structure for a tablet for the blind. The invitation came from the man who laid the foundation of this idea – Atanas Atanasov – and my partner in this project. After discussing the concept, we started designing with different conceptual variants of the respective tablet structure as well as the accessories attached to it.

Prototype – 3D Printed Model

3D Model

Color Variants

Product Sketches


The tablet had to cover specific ergonomic, functional and constructive features in terms of hardware and software principles. The braille comes out, through structured sectors with holes, according to the information that must appear and be read from the person. The standard Braille system was used and a tactile method for reading the information on the device. Each button, relief, and functional sector is specified as a symbol and logical arrangement. A separate accessory was designed in the form of a special braille keyboard that is conveniently locked through the USB Port. This is an accessory that can be used by all blind people, and it is possible to manage the whole tablet with it. The tablet was supposed to serve as a standard tablet reader by entering information into it via external USB devices. The principle was based on a far bigger idea – the tablet has access to the Internet.

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Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing