Project Description

Bathroom System

Year: 2015


Water is a resource that must be valued and used optimally. It is linked to electricity in many processes and systems. When bathing, the heat, rather than flowing through the siphon and going into the sewer, can be regenerated efficiently, resulting in electricity savings. This is a quantitative accumulation in time, which brings only benefits. “Bathroom system” contributes to this by using residual heat from water during bathing. With my partner in this project – Todor Nestorov, we have developed a complex regeneration system, one product that is applicable in our everyday life. This has led to the creation of product identity and a future brand name – Ecoboil.

Product Sketches and others…


Secondary heat from hot water is an extremely useful residual product – a combination of energy savings and optimal use of natural resources. The “Bathroom System” came as a natural extension of another project – “System For Energy Savings”, which is based on the overall concept of residual energy from hot water. Ecoboil is an advanced project based on analysis, design and synthesis of ideas, based on real results achieved with another project. It is intended to be mounted as a device on the wall in the bathroom, in the adapted bathing space. The development of concepts such as “green energy” and “intelligent buildings” is a prerequisite for the entry of such products, with the widespread use in newly built houses, passive houses, residential complexes, hotels, shopping centers, business buildings and more. The development of experimental models and a prototype will be forthcoming.

Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing