Project Description


Year: 2004


A very familiar and common product like a pen can never be limited when it comes to styles, structures, and combinations of materials. A daily accessory and functional tool that people never leave and use continuously. The more stylish and refined version of the pen is the fountain pen with which a person identifies and wants to possess as a symbol of prosperity. In this specific conceptual development, I have bet on the more widespread product – the pen. Some ideas can be further developed as fountain pen variants. The concepts have different structures, characteristic volumes, additional details, and accents that are targeted to a particular type of customers.

Продуктови скици


The development of the concepts will go through 3D modeling and subsequent development of prototypes. The conceptual variants with a more prominent and voluminous structure are mostly targeted at teenagers. Their characteristic shape, details and bright colors make them suitable for younger people. The materials that can be used to make them are different types of plastics, silicone and rubber structures. Other concepts I’ve used as models are aimed at older people. Their elegant shape and emphasis only on certain areas is suitable concept for this type of users. The main structure of these pens can be emphasized with a golden or silver effect. In this case, it is appropriate to use metal in combination with different types of coatings.

Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing