Project Description

Aerodynamic Panel – Box Van Trailer

Year: 2014


Aerodynamic panels are widespread in vehicles. Usually their placement depends on the problem they have to solve. Their main task is to optimize the air resistance and the resulting problems. This type of panel is placed on trailers with a closed load compartment, which are attached to different types of vehicles – car, van, jeep, pickup or minibus. I was given a project by a client whose problem with the aerodynamics of his trailers, led to an increased fuel consumption and discomfort when driving.

Final Product

Production of Composite Product

Composite Mold of Product

Main Model of Product


I went through production technology for making a main model, a matrix and the manufacture of two panels. The client did not mount solid pages on his trailers – two side and one for the ceiling, and a tarpaulin cover. Covering the entire load compartment with hard pages will give even better fuel consumption results. An individual solution for the particular type of trailer can be found in view of the dimensions of this panel. Panel dimensions – height 1,7 m, width 1,39 m and bulge of the volume – 45 cm. It is mounted on a metal frame. The two panels are tested in real conditions. The savings achieved in fuel consumption (diesel) are from 1 L to 1,5 L per 100 km. In intensive journeys and accumulation of large kilometers, a good return can be expected.

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Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing