Project Description

VW Polo S2000 – Rally Car

Year: 2007 – 2008 | 2010 – 2011


Automotive sports are always attractive with their adrenaline and strong emotions. These are large-scale projects of companies that require specialized teams. Adapted to cars, tailored to a particular class of rally races and rally championships. Twice I have been invited to such projects. The specific invitation came from Volkswagen Hobby Car Ltd., Ruse – an authorized representative of Volkswagen cars. The company was developing car adaptation activities for local and international rally championships. We participated in the projects with ten people – specialists in certain areas, for the purpose of developing rally cars. For both projects, Volkswagen Polo, 2008, was used.

Final Product

Car Hood

Car Side Doors

Roof Scoop


The projects were oriented to international class rally cars – the Volkswagen Polo S2000. I designed and manufactured products to optimize them: weight reduction car hood with hood scoop; manufacture and weight reduction of side car doors; fender flares on front and rear fenders; car roof vent – roof scoop and internal roof scoop detail; front bumper additives to cool the brake discs; a number of other structural and functional details in the car exterior and car interior. I also took part in the complete adaptation of car bodywork: dismantling parts of the exterior and interior of the car; weight reduction of car body and cutting metal body details; removal of anti-corrosion rubber coating from the car body; assembly of car interior, car exterior and composite products. Both cars participated in Rally Bulgaria before being sold to buyers from Bulgaria and Denmark.

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Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing