Project Description

Motorcycle Helmet – “Predator”

Year: 2014


Besides serving as protectors, motorcycle helmets have other varieties in which they experiment with the overall styling of the product. Often, the themes in such products are inspired by a commercial industry such as cinema, where the abundance of emblematic film characters is the basis for conception. The project was commissioned by a customer who is engaged in trading products and accessories for people who own motorcycles. The idea was to develop and adapt two designs inspired by the movie “Predator”. The sculpted models I built are on standard motorcycle helmets used as the basis for both designs.

Final Product

Clay Model 1

Clay Model 2


I have developed the models with industrial design clay, the base of which is used for matrix molding. The main products are made of composite materials – glass fiber, carbon fiber, resin and gelcoat. In both designs there are lateral areas with reliefs and a niche for positioning a point laser. The helmets have small, non-adjustable helmet viewfinder, like in standard motorcycle helmets. On the periphery and back there are characteristic braids. The inside of the helmet has plenty of space to adapt the tread, according to the size of the head. This type of helmets have very different purposes – attraction and eccentricity.

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Conceptual Development
3D Modeling
Models and Prototypes
Adaptation of Manufacturing